PR Consult believes in an integrated, strategic approach to business storytelling. 

Social Media

From Facebook to Snapchat to LinkedIn, we can help create a social media strategy that fits with your brand and build your online presence.

Content Creation

“Content is king,” they say. But what does that mean for you and how can you best engage with your offline and online audiences?

Strategic Planning

We can help create and implement an integrated marketing communications strategy to help reach your business objectives. Where are you going and how will you communicate your accomplishments?

Global Strategy

With Canada’s total population being less than California’s, local brands may prefer to expand past our borders which comes with its own set of challenges. In order to compete globally, brands need localized strategies.

Issues Management

Crisis can hit any business or brand by surprise at any moment. Although the damage has already been done, there are ways to mitigate and come out a winner. But what if you could have prevented crisis in the first place?

Corporate Communications

We can help make even your most multi-program, high-level plans make sense to your various audiences through storytelling, internally and externally.

Media Relations

Let us help you find creative ways to reach out to traditional and emerging media to tell your story.

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